Darlings- I Love You Too

Do you ever get the sense that it would all be better if we had the love and carefree feeling of the 90's again? I certainly do. Brookyn, NYC based Garage Pop band Darlings is making me feel like it's all ok today. These days a lot of mainstream music is overly processed, chopped up, rearranged, and put back together as if the original intent of the song was simply discarded. Darlings provided a straight-forward and wonderfully poppy song that is under 3 minutes. Feels good, doesn't it? Their music harkens back to what was great about 90's gritty pop songs: fuzzy melodic guitar, straightforward drums, bright synth, and unaffected optimistic vocals that make you want to bop your head along.

The video for "I Love You Too" is super colorful, psychedelic, creative, fun, and features that bright yellow smiley face we all came to love in 1997. Check out more from Darlings here: http://darlingsnyc.tumblr.com/

Posted on September 16th 2015