Low Cut Connie- Shake It Little Tina

Rock n' Roll band Low Cut Connie has been shaking it all around the globe for a few years now. They list their hometown as "Philadelphia, PA...New York, NY... Birmingham, UK." Just by reading this, I figured out that these guys are real Rock n' Rollers who are ready to party and get everyone to shake their booty uncontrollably, sweat like they've never sweat before, and joyfully raise their PBR cans in the air. You get the idea, right? Check out this absolutely wacky and wonderful video featuring an inspired Instagram dance sensation and get ready to raise a red cup.

They are playing at SXSW! Go see them live if you are in Austin right now!

To find out more about Low Cut Connie, head here: http://lowcutconnie.com/

Posted on March 17th 2015