Calliope Musicals-What My Eyes Found

Austin, TX based "psychedelic party folk" band Calliope Musicals is one of the most exciting and fun bands you will ever see live! Lead singer Carrie Bickley provides immense bursting energy, passion, fun, spirit, and soaring Folk Rock vocals that instantly make you want to sing along. The rest of band brings the melodic love and the party! I won't spoil the show for you, but get ready for lots of crowd participation and heart-warming surprises. Carrie's voice is quite reminiscent of the late great Janis Joplin. Even Carrie's stage presence reminds me of Janis.

In the video for "What My Eyes Found," we get to go on a grand adventure with the band, seeing where they go, what they do, the love that comes through in their live shows, and the journey that they are currently on (all from a compilation of GoPro videos).

Want more Calliope Musicals? Go see a live show and also head here:

Posted on January 28th 2015