Holiday Mountain-Motion Sickness

Local band alert!! Austin's own Psychedelic/Dub/Pop band Holiday Mountain is sure to make you want to get up out of your chair, throw on your best wacky outfit, and feverishly dance along to their party-ready music. The first time I got to see this trio of super talented folks was at Utopiafest (a weekend festival in the Hill Country outside of Austin). Laura Patiño (the highly-energetic front woman) has so much spunk and sparkle in her performance that you can't help but be completely wowed. The other two members of the band (Zander Kagle and Bradley Will) provide perfectly poppy drums and wonderfully zippy synth lines to make your heart pound away. The video for "Motion Sickness" has a neat psychedelic backdrop and you'll want to be sure to keep your peepers glued to the screen the whole time, there is a trippy surprise at the end.

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Posted on December 11th 2014