Wistappear- Every Side

It's been a heavy time for me lately. When I opened my e-mail to look at submissions I came across a video from LA based Indie Pop band Wistappear that instantly brought a smile to my face. Lead singer Ian Lipson harnesses a youthful energy in his song "Every side," championing a positive outlook on one's future despite doubt and uncertainty. I love the jangly and bright drumming and hopeful classic pop guitar licks that drive the tune upwards. Sometimes people forget to slow down and enjoy the present. Let's take a minute out of our busy lives to contemplate how we can do better and how we can recognize all the good things going on for ourselves, our friends, and loved ones. Keep making music that lifts people up when they are feeling down. Sometimes it is the only way to make sense of the world.

To hear more from Wistappear, head here: http://wistappear.bandcamp.com/

Posted on April 29th 2016