Taft- I Button Up My Shirt

Today I am bringing you more musical love from Austin, TX! Austin based Rock band Taft is all about wacky fun, a classic poppy feel, fuzzy rock n' roll guitars, a bit of a glammy sensibility, and catchy vocals that recall the 1980's wonderful weirdness of Devo and David Byrne. Taft's music stands out as an excellent tie between the familiar classic rock/pop of the 70's and 80's and modern indie rock.

The video for "I Button Up My Shirt" features lead singer Taft Mashburn covered in sparkly gold paint, a mirror faced person shredding the xylophone, fantastic and bright psychedelic lights, and many more visual delights.

Check out the video and then head here to find out more about Taft: https://www.facebook.com/bandcalledtaft

Posted May 6th 2015