Slooom: To be half asleep// to move or wander slowly or silently...

I have gotten to know musician Lauren Bruno over the past few years and she is a force to be reckoned with! Slooom is the musical collaboration of Austin based electronic musician Capyac and captivating Austin-based vocalist Les Rav (Lauren Bruno). I am constantly amazed at the volume of high quality music that comes out of our city and this new project continues in that trend.

A major departure from Les Rav's dark folk sound, Sloom's "Honey" features minimal glitchy electronic sounds, compelling layered harmonies, moody melodic vocals, and cut up vocals that create breathy vulnerability and an exciting modern/experimental sensibility within the music. I am really looking forward to seeing what's next for this new project.

Check out the badass new video for "Honey" and then head here for more from Slooom:

Posted May 5th 2015