100 Watt Horse- Bees Pt. 1 & 2 | Sofar Athens (USA)

Atlanta, GA based 100 Watt Horse is hands down my new favorite indie folk band. I got the chance to play a show with them recently and was instantly hooked. Lead singer George Pettis writes folk songs that are beautifully crafted, brutally honest, quiet but bold, tap into exactly what you have felt or are feeling, and all harness absolutely no pretentiousness or over-complication. George writes what he knows and it is clear that he works to write songs to tell his truths.

Check out this live Sofar video from 100 Watt Horse and then head here to find out more about them: http://the100watthorse.bandcamp.com/releases

Note: There will be no videos posted from May 24th-June 2nd as I will be out of town and getting married! Look for a new video on June 3rd. Thanks friends!

Posted May 23rd 2015