MAESTRO- Darlin' Celsa

Glasgow/Paris based "Post Wave" duo Maestro are bringing the 80's back in the best possible way. I am not a big fan of most 80's music, so I was surprised when I found myself loving their sound. Maestro is New Wavey, their music features minimal but striking vocals, boppy synth, driving and quick paced drums, and excellent arrangements that shift from a moody feel to a poppy dance floor groove. If there was a 2015 version of Breakfast Club, "Darlin' Celsa" would be the new anthem.

Check out their awesome but rather dark video for "Darlin' Celsa." Highschool can be a tough ride but this video teaches us that there is always a good revenge fantasy to be had (this one being a bit on the extreme end of things). Head here to find out more about Maestro:

Posted May 15th 2015