Heksagons- Temper Tantrums

Last week UK-based Bobby Bloomfield from Does it Offend You, Yeah? came to me with his new side project Heksagons. I was immediately sold after reading that they are "all about flutes, talk boxes, 70s synths and psychedelia." Let me tell you, you are in for a really amazing audio-visual ride and are going to want to tell all your friends about this band. Duo Bobby and Hinhin provide sparkling Jetsons-era galactic synth, super smooth vocals and delectable duo harmonies, tastefully incorporated Moog talkbox, blasting ray gun effects, and a video jam packed with excellent vintage space movie visuals.

To find out more about Heksagons head here: http://heksagons.com/

Also, if you would like to support their project on a long-term basis, sign up for their Patreon campaign right here: https://www.patreon.com/heksagons

Posted March 3rd 2016