Lost John- Howdy Doo

Sometimes there's nothing like a good old fashioned living room live video. Today I bring you Fayetteville, AR based Folk Rock outfit Lost John. I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Eric Witthans and Merey Kimbrough for the past four years and am excited to introduce their new group to you all.

"Howdy Doo" features country vibes with a 70's Rock and Roll heart. There are even some subtle psychedelic elements that shine through (namely their lyrics like "sipping tea with Father Time" and Witthan's homemade Lesley amplifier that creates a wobbly and trippy electric guitar sound). Lost John's music is a perfect combination of grit and sweetness and I can't wait to see what is coming next for this group. Keep on truckin' friends, we'll see you oh so soon.

Check out more from Lost John here: http://lostjohn.bandcamp.com/

Posted December 3rd 2015